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Here are the news items for today:


Actress Sonya Walger (Lost) has landed a potentially recurring role on Scandal, but details are being kept under wraps as to her she will be playing. (Natalie Abrams at Entertainment Weekly)

Sundance TV has given a third season order to their series Rectify. (Aaron Couch at The Hollywood Reporter)

Doctor Who alum Frazer Hines will guest star in an upcoming episode of the Starz drama Outlander based on the Diana Gabaldon novel. According to Gabaldon, she was inspired to write the books while watching an episode of Doctor Who where Hines played a Scottish lad name Jamie McCrimmon who was companion to the second Doctor. Hines will play Sir Gordon Fletcher, the English warden of Wentworth Prison in Scotland. Claire (series lead Caitriona Balfe) meets Fletcher when she pretends be a relative of Jamie’s (series lead Sam Heughan) and tries to convince Fletcher to let her see him. (Robyn Ross at TV Guide)

Actress Teri Polo (The Fosters) will guest star alongside Stacy Keach on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit this fall. Polo will play Cordelia, the lawyer daughter of Orion Bauer (Keach), the esteemed owner of a family-run sportswear empire. The Bauers’ lives and livelihood are turned upside-down when the face of their best-selling clothing line is charged with serial rape. (Kate Stanhope at TV Guide)

Actor Nestor Serrano (Graceland) will have a recurring role on Revenge this fall, playing Edward Alvarez, a commanding and perceptive police chief who’s (surprisingly) in Victoria’s (series lead Madeleine Stowe) corner. (Andy Swift at TV Line)

British actress Rose Williams has joined the cast of Reign in the recurring role of Princess Claude, the royal daughter of Catherine de Medici (series regular Megan Follows) and the deceased King Henry and sister to the newly crowned King Francis (series lead Toby Regbo). (Nina Terrero at Entertainment Weekly)

FX has given The Strain a second season order of 13 episodes. (Tim Kenneally at The Wrap)

Actress Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Light) will appear on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this fall, playing Barbara “Bobbi” Morse (aka the costumed operative known as Mockingbird). (Lesley Goldberg at The Hollywood Reporter and Matt Mitovich at TV Line)

MTV has given a second season 12-episode order to their new drama Finding Carter. (Michael Ausiello at TV Line)

Actor Matt Ward (Hellcats) will appear in an upcoming episode of Arrow this fall, playing Simon Lacroix (aka Komodo). He will be the “villain-of-the-week” in episode 2, but Team Arrow will pursue him over a season-long storyline. (Craig Byrne at GreenArrowTV.com)



FOX is developing a 10-hour limited series called No Ordinary Time that will be based on the Doris Kearns Goodwin Pulitzer Prize-winning book that chronicles the third term of President Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II. (Nellie Andreeva at Deadline)


Actress Sigourney Weaver will join actress Felicity Jones and actor Liam Neeson in the film adaptation of the Patrick Ness award-winning children’s fantasy novel “A Monster Calls” that follows a young boy who attempts to deal with bullying at the hands of his classmates; and the terminal illness of his mother (Jones), by escaping into a fantastical world through the guidance of a tree monster (Neeson). Weaver will play his grandmother. (Heat Vision and Dark Horizons)

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock and Star Trek) will provide the voice of Shere Khan, the man-eating tiger and villain in the upcoming adaptation of the Rudyard Kipling classic tale Jungle Book. (Heat Vision and Dark Horizons)

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The Intruders

Intruders will debut on BBC America on August 23 at 10 PM.

The series is about a secret society devoted to chasing immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others, focusing on Jack Whelan (John Simm from Doctor Who), a former LAPD cop with a troubled and violent history, who finds the quiet idyllic life he has crafted with his wife, Amy (Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino) shattered when she goes missing.

While Jack is consumed with an investigation, which threatens his very core, a sinister agent named Richard Shepherd (James Frain from True Blood) is embarking on a series of lethal executions. Meanwhile, a distraught little girl named Madison (Millie Brown from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) runs away from home into a world of danger.

TV Ratings

Here are the ratings for the two summer dramas that air on Monday nights on the major networks:

10 PM Shows:
Under the Dome (CBS) [NEW] – 7.2 million
Mistresses (ABC) [NEW] – 3.3 million

What did you watch on TV last night? Please share.

Trying to figure out what to watch tonight? Be it new episodes of the TV season, reairs of cable series or a movie, here are some suggestions:

6:15 PM:
Red 2 movie on Cinemax

6:50 PM:
Selena movie on Starz

8 PM:
Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family (NEW)
NCIS on CBS (Reair)
Arrow on The CW (Reair)
Doctor Who on BBC America (Reair)
Finding Carter on MTV (Reair)
Rizzoli & Isles on TNT (Reair)

9 PM:
Matador on El Rey Network (NEW)
Rizzoli & Isles on TNT (NEW)
Royal Pains on USA Network (NEW)
NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS (Reair)
Supernatural on The CW (Reair)
Doctor Who on BBC America (Reair)
Finding Carter on MTV (Reair)
Outlander on Starz (Reair)
The Honorable Woman on Sundance (Reair)

10 PM:
Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family (Encore)
Finding Carter on MTV (NEW)
Doctor Who on BBC America (Reair)

10:01 PM:
Covert Affairs on USA Network (NEW)
Perception on TNT (NEW)
Person of Interest on CBS (Reair)

10:10 PM:
Outlander on Starz (Reair)


Hey All,

Here are the news items for today:


Actress Yeardley Smith (best known as the voice of Lisa on The Simpsons) will guest star in the season premiere of Revenge, playing Phyllis, a fellow patient at the mental institution where Victoria (series lead Madeleine Stowe) was admitted (against her will) in the show’s season three finale. (Andy Swift at TV Line)

Actress Gina Ravera (The Closer) will guest star in an upcoming fall episode of Castle, playing Marsha Stoller, the vice president of a successful toy company. The 12th precinct finds itself playing in the toy biz when company founder Wally Williger turns up dead. (Matt Mitovich at TV Line)


Actress Miranda Otto (Rake and The Lord of the Rings franchise) has joined the cast of the BHO sci-fi pilot Westworld that revolves around a futuristic theme park where robots go berserk and attack the guests. Otto will play Virginia Pittman, the head of the park’s Quality Assurance department whose brutal honesty with her colleagues and her ruthless efficiency in dealing with malfunctioning “property” have made her a formidable and unpredictable power player in Westworld. This cast of this pilot already includes Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton and Jeffrey Wright. (Michael Ausiello at TV Line)

NBC is working on a potential series adaptation of the 1997 feature film The Devil’s Advocate with producers John Wells and Arnold Kopelson. The series would center on a public defender who joins a law firm that is run by the Devil himself. (Nellie Andreeva at Deadline)

Big screen actor Keanu Reeves could be making his foray into television via the planned hour-long series Rain from Slingshot Global Media. The project will be based on the best-selling book series by Barry Eisler that centers on John Rain (Reeves), a half-Japanese, half-American contract assassin who specializes in taking out his targets by making it look like death by natural causes. An outsider in whatever world he’s in, Rain ironically finds that the one identity he knows – that of being a hitman – is the very thing that prevents him from bringing others closer into his life. (Nellie Andreeva at Deadline)


Actor Sharlto Copley (The A-Team and District 9) will have a lead role in the PlayStation Network’s drama series Powers based on the Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming comic book series. Copley will play Christian Walker, a dapper and charismatic character with a darkness and violence right at the surface but with a sense of buried integrity. Also, actress Michelle Forbes (The Killing and True Blood) will play Retro Girl, the undisputed super star of the Powers community. An icon of justice, selflessness, and business acumen, she has a cool, hard exterior with a fire right below the surface. Her willingness to put herself at risk for the good of others is matched only by her ability to manage her globe-spanning personal brand. (Laura Prudom at Variety)

Actress Jaime Ray Newman (Eureka and Eastwick) had landed a recurring role in the Amazon Prime upcoming drama series Bosch that is based on the Michael Connelly book series about LA police detective Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver from Lost). Newman will play Laura Kell, a premiere attorney in the public defender’s office who finds herself assigned to a suspected serial killer fingered by Bosch. The web series is set to premiere sometime in 2015. (Matt Mitovich at TV Line)


Here are the top 10 box office movies for this past weekend courtesy of Box Office Mojo:

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – 28.4 million
2. Guardians of the Galaxy – 24. 7 million
3. Let’s Be Cops – 17.7 million
4. The Expendables 3 – 16.2 million
5. The Giver – 12.7 million
6. Into the Storm – 7.7 million
7. Hundred Foot Journey – 7.1 million
8. Lucy – 5.3 million
9. Step Up All In – 2.7 million
10. Boyhood – 2.1 million

More cast members have been announced for the much-anticipated big screen version of Ant-Man. Fans already know that Paul Rudd will play the title role with Evangeline Lilly (Lost), Corey Stoll (The Strain), legendary actor Michael Douglas and Michael Pena (End of Watch) already part of the cast. Joining them will be John Slattery (Mad Men), Judy Greer (Archer and Married) and Bobby Cannavale (Boardwalk Empire). The film will be out sometime next summer. (Marvel and Dark Horizons)

Q&A SECTION (with Samantha Highfill at Entertainment Weekly)

Question: Any Castle scoop? —Courtney

Samantha: If you were worried that the traumatic events of the finale were going to scar and/or change Castle (especially when it comes to the whole wedding idea), don’t be. Even after everything he’s been through, Nathan Fillion still considers Castle to be a wedding guy. As he put it, Castle is still the man who “wears his joy on his sleeve,” the guy who will say, “Yeah I’ll get married. What the hell. Let’s go!” And just for fun, I also asked Fillion what his dream Castle wedding would be. “I would love to see Castle getting married on the shores of Maui in this little neighborhood I like to go personally for vacations because there’s a great bay right next door,” Fillion said. “You can snorkel there or scuba with turtles and there’s sharks sometimes depending on the time of day.” Who’s in?

Question: Tell me there’s hope for Brandon and Callie on The Fosters in the episodes leading up to the summer finale. She can’t end up his sister! —Lauren

Samantha: Well Lauren, based on the title of the summer finale—”Someone’s Little Sister”—I’m not feeling great about your odds. However, the episode centers around Callie trying to help Rita and the Girls United foster group home, so based on how little he’s mentioned, maybe there’s hope for Brandon yet.

Question: Anything on Hook and Emma on Once Upon a Time? —Jessica

Samantha: Hook and Emma might have ended things on a good note last season, but as we all know by now, nothing’s simple in Storybrooke. Colin O’Donoghue revealed that season 4 picks up right where we left off, which means that “the relationship is still very very complicated and they both have to sort of figure out who they are and how they can make it work if they’re going to make it work,” he said. “Hook is still a pirate at heart even though he very much cares for Emma and really has strong feelings for her, that point being who he is will sort of complicate things. And in the same way, I think with Emma, she’s got her own walls that she needs to break down and figure out if she’s able to feel again and love again. It’s going to be complicated. It’s not going to be plain sailing. Excuse the pun. You know what I mean.” And about Hook’s bad boy side? “You might see a little bit of that,” O’Donoghue teased. “I think people will be happy with his development in this season and they can expect to see a little bit of the pirate back, I think.”

Question: Do you have any Rizzoli & Isles scoop?—@IslesRizzolian

Samantha: Tuesday’s episode is titled “Phoenix Rising,” in which the team helps Korsak on an old case. The good (but maybe bad) news: Jane “refuses to believe that she’s not ready to go back on duty and takes some untraditional steps to stay involved.”

Question: Loving the Mark of Cain storyline on Supernatural! Any word on how long Demon Dean might be sticking around? —Amber

Samantha: When I chatted with executive producer Jeremy Carver a few weeks ago, you might remember that he said the Demon Dean storyline will be sticking (around) for at least the “first run of episodes.” In fact, he mentioned that the Mark of Cain is “very much on the boys’ minds as they plot out a game plan for the next batch of episodes after Dean is healed.” But don’t worry. Even if Dean is healed relatively early on, Carver also promised me that “I think just when it seems like things might be starting to settle down, we will introduce a few new doosies to the world.” Bonus Supernatural scoop: When asked about another Supernatural spinoff—which The CW has said it’s open to—Carver could confirm that “ideas are floating around,” though “nothing is firm yet.”

Question: What more can you tell us about what’s going to happen to Malia and Stiles’s relationship on Teen Wolf beyond Jeff Davis’ very ambiguous answer of “They’ve got a rocky road ahead.” I don’t want/need it to be all sunshine and lollipops, but is this a relationship that we’ll actually see develop as Malia and Stiles work through the natural hazards of living/loving in Beacon Hills or are we just being strung along for some kind of heartbreak from which there is no return? —Jennifer

Samantha: Well Jennifer, I promise not to use the words “rocky road.” What I do know is that Stiles and Malia will find themselves together in episode 10, titled “Monstrous,” but based on the fact that they’re going to uncover the origins of The Dead Pool, I can’t promise it will be all that romantic of a scenario. And come episode 11, it sounds like everyone is going to have something to worry about when Scott and his pack engage in a battle with someone who’s being described as “an old enemy.” Any guesses?

Question: Any scoop on The Knave’s arrival to Storybrooke on Once Upon a Time? —Charlee

Samantha: I asked O’Donoghue if he was at all worried about The Knave stealing any of Hook’s “stud thunder” and he didn’t seem too worried. “I think that The Knave and Hook are very different characters. I think Michael [Socha] is fantastic, and I think he’s a great addition to Once Upon a Time. Obviously, in Wonderland he was fantastic. I’m excited to see how he’ll interact with the characters from Once Upon a Time and with Hook.” O’Donoghue added: “Maybe they can have a duel, a stud-thunder duel.”

That’s it. Enjoy!

John Barrowman at Comic Con 2014 (Photo By: Rueben)

John Barrowman at Comic Con 2014 (Photo By: Rueben)

Actor-singer John Barrowman is a fan favorite at Comic Con (not that dissimilar to the regard that fans have for actor Nathan Fillion); and Saturday afternoon of the 4-day event last month found a legend of his fans hitting up one of the ballrooms in the nearby Bayfront Hilton Hotel to hear him regal them with stories.

The energetic actor was on fire that afternoon, answering question after question by his adoring fans, sharing interesting stories about his many TV and stage roles as well as some of his favorite things. The following is just a sample of the things he shared:

• He hopes that fans will get to see Captain Jack again despite the fact that he was told “Torchwood is dead”; he would also love to see Captain Jack return to the world of Doctor Who, but he has “not been asked to come back”;

• He would love to appear in the stage play Hedwig and the Angry Inch, but he just doesn’t have time right now, but he does have his “eye on other musicals in the future”;

• He knew he would be back on Arrow because it’s “hard to kill Malcolm Merlyn”, joking that he is “the Lex Luthor of that world” and he revealed that it was actually his husband Scott’s idea of Malcolm being Thea’s dad;

• When he read the script of Arrow, he “loved it’ and he shared that the third season will open in the limo with Malcolm and Thea (just where the second season left off); and that they were to start filming on August 6;

• He is very proud of the “Hollow Earth” books he has published with his sister Carole and he would love to see those stories adapted to the screen someday;

• He shared that his favorite comic book character to play if he had the chance would be either Captain America, Robin (from Batman and Robin) or “truth be told” Wonder Woman;

• While the play “Anything Goes” changed his life, he doesn’t like to pick a favorite musical, but he did say that Cole Porter has been a big influence in his life;

• He did, however, pick a favorite Doctor when asked, sharing that David Tennant is his favorite and he also made the choice when asked that he would “kill 9, marry 10 and shag 11” [he also joked that he wouldn’t want to make these choices except he was asked];

• He shared that there will be some kind of “fan thing” coming up with the Arrow cast, but he could not elaborate what that would be; and,

• The entire audience recorded a “Happy Birthday” message to his nephew who was celebrating his special day overseas, making John a very happy man.

All too soon the panel came to an end after having a great experience with the song and dance man who will be seen as a series regular on Arrow starting this fall when the show returns for its third season on The CW starting on October 8 at 8/7c.

Here is a list of the programming options to expect on TV this week:

The Doctor Who Special “Doctor Who: Ultimate Time Lord” will air on BBC America on August 18. Check local listings for airtime. That same night, Dallas will be back with the remainder of its third season on TNT at 9 PM.

On August 19, the second season of the Ovation series A Young Doctor’s Notebook & Other Stories will air at 10 PM. The other three-parts of this series will air consecutively on Tuesday, August 26, Tuesday, September 2 and Tuesday, September 9.

On August 23, Intruders will debut on BBC America at 10 PM. The series is about a secret society devoted to chasing immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others, focusing on Jack Whelan (John Simm from Doctor Who), a former LAPD cop with a troubled and violent history, who finds the quiet idyllic life he has crafted with his wife, Amy (Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino) shattered when she goes missing. While Jack is consumed with an investigation, which threatens his very core, a sinister agent named Richard Shepherd (James Frain from True Blood) is embarking on a series of lethal executions. Meanwhile, a distraught little girl named Madison (Millie Brown from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) runs away from home into a world of danger.

That same night the Doctor Who: Live Pre-Show, hosted by The Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick, will air at 7:30 PM on BBC America followed by at 8 PM by the return of Doctor Who with Peter Capaldi taking over the lead role and then the Doctor Who: After Who Live special at 11 PM.

On August 24, there will be a marathon of fan favorite episodes of Doctor Who airing on BBC America. Check local listings for airtimes. Elsewhere that same night, the PBS Masterpiece mini-series Breathless will debut at 9 PM with a 90-minute airing. Jack Davenport (Smash and Pirates of the Caribbean franchise) will star as a brilliant surgeon who believes he can make a difference in women’s lives. The mini-series is set in 1961 London and co-stars Ian Glen (Game of Thrones), Joanna Page (Love Actually), Zoe Boyle (Downton Abbey) and Shaun Dingwall (The Young Victoria). This mini-series will air every Sunday night through September 7.

Also on August 24, the season finale of The Last Ship will air on TNT at 9 PM and the series finale of True Blood will air on HBO at 9 PM.

Mark your calendars!


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